If you are having a dinner event, our chef will arrive at your home early in the morning and start preparing your meal. Your table will be set with your china and pre-arranged decorations such as flowers, candles and napkins. Our Chef will serve your feast at the time you had requested. Then, your kitchen will be cleaned and dishwasher will be loaded. Our chef will then leave your home.



Our sommelier can suggest wines that will marry well with each meal or even with each dish. You can provide your own wine or we can buy the wine for you and charge you its retail value (We will provide you the receipt). However, there is a corkage fee per bottle.


What we need from you

We appreciate a clean kitchen since your meal is being prepared in it. We will need at least TWO shelves in your refrigerator to be cleared and some space in your freezer. You must have at least a 4 burner stove and a working oven.


So that your party can run smoothly and with great success, our chef would appreciate to be left alone in the kitchen to work without any distractions. There are private and group cooking classes available.